21 April 2016

Marvellous heroes of secure

Aaron and RochelleAWP bank healthcare assisants Aaron Dixon and Rochelle Greenidge have put their lifesaving skills to the test to help a member of the public as she had a seizure.

Aaron and Rochelle - who both cover shifts on Bradley Brook ward at Fromeside - are the latest super-heroic secure services staff to step in and help people on buses. The pair jumped in to protect their fellow passenger from serious harm - here is their account of the incident:  

"It was just after 6pm on 5th April on the number 17 bus and we were making our way home from a shift - we caught the bus at Straights Parade in Fishponds. During the journey a lady at the back of the bus began the early stages of a severe seizure. We jumped into action and darted to the back of the bus, informing other members of the public to hastily call the emergency services.

" The lady was unresponsive, leaning sideways and foaming at the mouth and we carefully manouvered her onto the floor of the bus. We put her into the recovery position and protected her head from the jilting spasms, cleared her airways and mouth of foam and saliva, and made sure she was not swallowing her tongue. The bus was stopped and the lady began starting to come around.

"When she regained consciousness the lady profusely thanked us, then the ambulance service arrived shortly after and took her into the ambulance for a full assessment. A member of the public stopped us, saying 'We're lucky there are still individuals like yourselves making a difference.' - we were delighted we were able to help."

It's always fantastic to hear of staff using their skills to help the wider public as well as their own service users. Well done Rochelle and Aaron - we are proud of you!

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