01 April 2016

Myth busting on BBC Radio Bristol

EID on radioA North Somerset team has taken to the airwaves to bust a few myths about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

Dr Gintalaite-Bieliauskiene, Gemma Gowing Team Leader and a service user of the North Somerset's Emotional Intensity Team had a top slot on a recent Dr Phil Hammond show on BBC Radio Bristol. 

The team were invited on the show to talk about some of the myths associated with term BPD and why they are using another name to describe the condition. The interview also gave a great opportunity to signpost people to treatment and support.

Gemma Gowing says, "We were really excited to be on air. The term Emotional Intensity Disorder (EID) is already used in the USA and by many primary care teams across the UK. Many patients have told us that they were devastated when they received their diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder as the name implied they were inherently flawed and would not get well."

Dr Gintalaite-Bieliauskiene adds, "In fact, that is not the case. Emotional Intensity Disorder is a diagnosis of hope and many patients achieve remission of symptoms over time. Recently published studies suggest that at 8-year follow up, 68% of people initially diagnosed with BPD had not had a relapse in more than 4 years and at 10-year follow up, 86% had not had a relapse in more than 4 years."

The radio interview marked the end of the team's EID awareness month. As previously reported, this involved a range of sessions with service users and healthcare professionals in North Somerset to raise awareness of the condition.

To listen to the interview, which took place live on the Dr Phil Hammond Show on BBC Radio Bristol at 9.00 on 26 March 2016, click here.

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