18 August 2016

ECT team changes national practice

ECTFollowing leading work in AWP, nurses can now administer electroconvulsive treatment across the UK.

The Royal College of Psychiatry ECT has accepted the results of an AWP led national pilot study to train experienced specialist nurses to deliver ECT treatment as well as doctors.

This new practice, which gives patients better continuity of care and gives ECT nurses a chance to expand their role, was first proposed by our own Lead ECT nurse John Leyden, who is also ECT nurse representative for England Wales and N. Ireland on the Royal College of Psychiatry ECT special interest group.

Four years on, following a successful national pilot study, nurse administered ECT treatment was accepted by the Royal College in July of this year!

John says, "I am delighted to finally see nurse administered ECT treatment accepted. I have been involved in many projects with the committee but none as far reaching as this. This now means ECT treatments being given by the same staff, who can be a familar face to patients receiving treatment.

Congratulations to John and his team on what is now an international achievement, with many countries now looking to expand to nurse administered ECT treatment as a result of their work.

Electroconvulsive treatment is one of the most effective treatments for severe, disabling and often life threatening depression.

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