22 August 2016

Pledging to protect

flupledges_250Seasonal flu is one of the biggest challenges faced by health services around the world.

It can be very unpleasant and potentially serious for certain vulnerable people with other medical conditions.

This year, AWP staff are making the pledge to have the flu jab to help protect our staff and service users from illness.

You can now see our first pledge to protect collage, which shows staff pledging to have the jab this winter.

In the collage, our staff give their own personal reasons for having the jab. These reasons range from wanting to keep other staff and service users healthy to wanting to avoid the awful experience of contracting flu.

Congratulations to our staff who are helping to protect our friends, family, service users and the most vulnerable people in our community.

You can find more information about the flu by visiting the NHS choices pages for flu and the flu vaccine.

Certain people who are in at risk groups can have the flu jab free of charge on the NHS. You can read this article to find out whether you are able to have the jab.

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