11 February 2016

BBC's In the mind

In the mindBBC's In the mind

Starting on 15 February, the BBC will be showcasing a series of programmes to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of mental illness.

BBC One's series, 'In the mind' promises to be interesting viewing and will include:

• BBC News at Six and News at Ten will show a series of special reports on subjects including the NHS, neuroscience, lifesaving charities, electroconvulsive therapy, social attitudes and mental health in the BME community.

• 'The Not So Secret Life of The Manic Depressive: 10 Years On' looks at the experiences of actor and comedian Stephen Fry and others living with bipolar, airing on Monday 15 February at 9pm.

• 'My Baby, Psychosis and Me' tells the real stories of two mums with postpartum psychosis on Tuesday 16 February at 10.45pm.

• EastEnders will be showing a postpartum psychosis storyline. The One Show on Monday 15 February will also have guests discussing how popular dramas like EastEnders can raise awareness of mental health issues and describing what research is done to ensure accurate portrayals.

• BBC One will also be repeating the documentaries 'Life after Suicide' on Wednesday 17 February at 10.45pm and 'Professor Green: Suicide and Me' on Thursday 18 February at 11.45pm.

• Regional 'Inside Out' programmes will show several films on Monday 15 February covering a variety of subjects, including vulnerable teenagers suffering from mental health problems, investigating how A&E has become the new front line in dealing with mental health crisis, support for transgender people, carers of family members in poor mental health, suicide rates and mental health services.

More information on In the Mind is available on the BBC website as of 14 February.

Data for this article was sourced from the BBC Media Centre.

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