01 February 2016

Inpatients report improvement in help to go home

The results of the Inpatient Survey 2015 show a notable improvement in the numbers of our patients who feel they have received help when they leave hospital.

Over half of AWP inpatients who took part in the 2015 survey said they received support organising their home situation, compared with just over a quarter who said so in 2014.

The 2015 results also demonstrate that we have improved in helping service users feel safe on wards and in caring for their physical problems. Service users also had more trust and confidence in nurses and psychiatrists compared with the previous year, and felt more aware of their overall care as well as how to make a complaint.

AWP took part voluntarily in the 2015 survey, and a fifth of inpatients who were asked to take part in the survey did so.

The responses also highlighted some areas that we need to work on, including the fact that 3% more patients in 2015 reported being bothered by noises on their ward at night, compared with those in 2014.

Other areas where AWP has improved but needs to improve further are; being able to provide specific diets required by patients, keeping wards 'very clean', helping service users keep in touch with family and friends, and giving service users enough time to discuss their condition or treatment with staff.

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