22 January 2016

Alder Unit is excellent

Alder unitAlder Unit at Callington Road Hospital has been accredited as 'excellent' by the Accreditation for Inpatient Mental Health Services (AIMS), a quality based initiative of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Alder Unit provides rehabilitation for people who have long-term mental health problems combined with other complex needs such as personality disorders or problems carrying out activities of day-to-day living. The Alder team also works with service users in rehabilitation placements who need extra support.

AIMS accreditation assures staff, service users and carers, commissioners and regulators of the quality of the service being provided. In order to provide accreditation AIMS produce a comprehensive report of mental health facilities. The report uses evidence from staff, service users and carers as well as site and facilities inspections to make a decision on accreditation.

These were some of the things which the team reviewing the unit said in the report:

"Staff go the extra mile and are supportive of each other."

"They are a well-integrated and approachable team."

"Involvement and engagement are the key values of the unit."

"There is excellent clinical leadership from the unit manager and deputy."

Positive comments about staff and the care that patients receive were also given by carers and service users throughout the review. One carer commented that, "We would like to say how much we appreciate the care, patience and kindness of the staff in Alder Unit."

Ward Manager Simon Stacey said, "Our Team is a highly experienced and experts in creating strategies to improve community integration. This helps to increase independence for those service users who have difficulties adapting to their conditions. The accreditation is a welcome validation of the work we do here with a group of highly disadvantaged service users and their carers."

Congratulations to the ward team for their excellent work and service they provide to the people in their care.


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