25 May 2016

Awareness raising hits the news

NSMHAWOur mental health awareness campaign which took place across North Somerset during Mental Health Awareness Week has been picked up by Bristol news.

The news teams interviewed staff and asked the public what they thought about the campaign.

"I think it's very important to help raise awareness of mental illness because not enough people seem to know that much about it. Raising awareness is definitely something we need to do." commented one member of the public.

The campaign team visited different locations throughout the week, logging hundreds of conversations about mental health and letting people know about local services available to them. The team also worked with several local charitable organisations to spread the word further and involve the maximum number of people possible. Even the North Somerset senior locality management team made an appearance to talk to the public about mental health, raising awareness and reducing stigma.

Involvement coordinator for North Somerset Stephen Budd said, "One of the major things that stops people seeking help is the stigma and discrimination that comes with mental illness. So by taking it out into the public arena and making people talk about it we're helping people reach out for professional assistance when they need it. It's a good way to help get people the services they need more quickly."

Click here to watch the news report, which begins at 7:55. 

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