18 May 2016

Bath Mayor visits Fresh Art@

Fresh artThe Mayor of Bath Will Sandry has become the latest participant in Fresh Art@ - a creative art project run in partnership with Creativity Works.

The Mayor wants to highlight the importance of recognising mental health conditions and reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness having had a lived experience himself.

"My theory is that if the Mayor of Bath is prepared to say that he has suffered from the mental health illnesses of anxiety and depression, no other citizens in the city should be too embarrassed, worried or ashamed to do the same." said the Mayor.

The Mayor immersed himself fully in the day, creating stunning pieces of artwork with guidance from this year's facilitating artist Jan Blake, Fresh Art@ worker Nat Burgess and the other members of the team.

At the end of the session the team talked about the project. The Mayor was surprised that most of the work that was being created was also being donated and he kindly donated the two pieces he created that day.

Another participant said "It was lovely having the Mayor come to our sessions to see what we have been up to. It added another layer of value to the Fresh Art@ project."

If you would like to see the art work that the Mayor and others have created, visit the Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2016 between 10am-4pm during 1-12 June. The exhibition will be held at the Roper Gallery, Bath Artists Studios, The Old Malthouse, Comfortable Place, Bath, BA1 3AJ.

For further information about the exhibition or the Fresh Art@ project please email nathaniel.burgess@nhs.net

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