23 May 2016

Psychosis HIT launches with film season

DamienLewisThe Psychosis Health Integration Team is marking its official launch with a series of film screenings at the Watershed during June called Psychosis on Screen.

The new 'HIT' team, made up of academics, commissioners, psychologists, care and support providers and other experts, as well as service users and their families and carers, will work together to give people who experience psychosis, families and carers a voice and to improve the support provided.

Their work will include staff input from the Trust, Bristol CCG and Bristol University.

Psychosis is a term that describes many different human experiences - from hearing voices to having unusual beliefs. Many people having these experiences need support from specialist mental health services.

Put together by Bristol Mental Health Partners and the Watershed , Psychosis on Screen is a season of three contemporary films depicting various experiences of psychosis to mark the launch of the new team.

It aims to show the creativity which is often a part of psychosis and to develop a more human understanding of these sometimes frightening experiences.

The films being shown are:

Keane (13 June)

Keane, starring Damian Lewis is bleak and brutally honest. It chronicles the daily rituals of a disturbed man who feels responsible for the abduction of his daughter. An intense character study of a man whose life has been destroyed, leaving him mentally ill. 'Shock of the Fall' author Nathan Filer will kick the evening off with an introductory talk.

Every Little Thing (20 June)

1997's Every Little Thing is directed by French documentarist Nicolas Philibert who sensitively filmed people suffering from mental illness at La Borde, a grand care centre located in a chateau in France. The film will be introduced by Conor McCormack and Simon Downer.

In the Real (27 June)

For the past three years, filmmaker and psychoanalyst in training Conor McCormack has documented Bristol Hearing Voices Network - a self-help group for people who hear voices and have other unusual experiences.

The event is open to all for a small price.

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