25 April 2017

Mindfulness success in Swindon

MindfulnessThe introduction of mindfulness on two wards in Swindon has received positive reviews, leaving service users and staff feeling 'calm as a clam'.

Mindfulness sessions have been held on Applewood and Windswept wards since January, thanks to a joint venture between the psychology and occupational therapy (OT) services. Daily sessions are now regularly attended by service users and ward staff who are all enjoying the benefits.

Lead OT Rachel Jones said: "We have had attendance in all sessions and are the only ward group where this has been achieved. We initially introduced mindfulness sessions to Windswept on two days per week however due to popularity this has been increased to five days per week."

The mindfulness sessions are proving increasing popular with ward staff and medics who have described feeling calm, focused and less agitated afterwards.

Feedback has included comments such as:

• Good start to a working day, I feel more relaxed. Sometimes found it hard but I want to keep trying
• Brilliant, really good
• The mindfulness I always attended has helped me relax
• Someone mentioned it in their ward review highlighting the benefits and using the techniques in his own time
• I use mindfulness to help me get to sleep

Our longer term goal is to develop this provision further, including mindfulness sessions aimed at staff. 

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