25 September 2017

Place of Safety suites in Swindon and Wiltshire


Place of Safety Consultation

As we announced in August, the Board decided that the consultation into the placement of our Place of Safety suite in Wiltshire, and the subsequent decision to site it at Green Lane, required additional discussion. We announced at that time that we would have a further response at the September Board meeting.

Since August, the Trust has been working with relevant CCGs and local partners to answer additional questions received as part of Place of Safety Consultation. Feedback from the consultation covered a wide range of issues, and also highlighted that there needed to be further clarity on what the consultation covered and what the purpose of Places of Safety are.

To give this matter the serious consideration it deserves, we have been in talks with NHS England who have offered valuable guidance. We have accepted that greater time is needed to cover all of the issues arising and, consequently, discussions will continue.

The situation remains that, pending further decisions, all of the Place of Safety suites at our units within Wiltshire remain open.

A further update will be provided to the October Trust Board meeting.

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