14 September 2017

Smokefree across AWP

smokefree_250Smokefree across AWP

On 1 October we launched the Trust Tobacco Free Smoke Free Environment Policy with the expectation of the Trust being completely smoke and tobacco free by the end of November.

To meet current legislation and support a smoke free NHS, this means that all staff, service users, visitors and contractors to any AWP site will not be able to smoke or use tobacco products.

Associate Director of Nursing Nicola Hazle said: "The focus of the policy is to provide tobacco and smoke free environments for our service users to receive care in and for our staff to work in. The policy is not about enforcing people to stop smoking but supporting those service users who do smoke to be abstinent whilst they are on Trust sites or receiving their care.

"We will do this by providing them with nicotine replacement, specialist support and support the use of electronic cigarettes during inpatient stays. Staff are encouraged to lead by example and will be provided with the guidance, training and support to make this happen. The policy also sets out how staff who smoke can access support if they wish to make a quit attempt."

All areas across the Trust will be required to implement the Trust policy in their services by 30 November 2017, and further detail about his will follow.

The role of Stop Smoking Practitioners will be fundamental to the support offered to service users; the aim will be to have one or two in every ward and community team.

The launch of our Smokefree campaign will coincide with the national Stoptober campaign, which is run by Public Health England and encourages participants to pledge themselves not to smoke during the 28 day period, with a mind to giving up altogether.

Smokefree is a public health campaign initiated and supported by Public Health England, an executive agency of the Department of Health. You can read more about the national Smokefree NHS campaign here.

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