21 March 2018

New website translation facility for AWP

BrowsealoudVisitors to our website can now translate AWP patient information leaflets and web pages at the press of a button!

We are delighted to announce the launch of Browsealoud - click the Browsealoud button at the top right of each page on our website to select your preferred language or to use the 'read aloud' function.

Browsealoud is a web based accessibility software package which enables staff, patients and carers to translate any web page or leaflet on our website into 99 languages.

The software also has a 'read aloud' function for people with low literacy, dyslexia  or visual impairments and for 45 out of the 99 languages to support non English speakers who are not literate in their own language.

Additionally you can convert 'read aloud' text into an audio (MP3) file, which can be saved and sent to service users who rely on information being provided in audio format.

Browsealoud is used by the General Medical Council, local councils and several NHS Trusts. lt is recommended by NHS England as a translation tool for most information on NHS websites.

Acting service user/carer engagement lead Julie Musk said, "Browsealoud is easy to use and will be invaluable in enabling our staff to respond to the information needs of people with sensory disabilities, asylum seekers and BME communities using our services and to meet our legal duties under the Accessible Information Standard and Equality Act 2010.  Several service users have tested the quality of the translations and the feedback has been really positive."

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