Street triage service

This service works in conjunction with the police and will offer advice and support to people who may be experiencing mental health difficulties at the pre-arrest stage, thereby reducing the number of people detained under section 136 who are not mentally ill.

The aim of the service is to prevent offending and reduce re-offending by intervening at the earliest possible stage in the criminal justice pathway when someone is identified as having a mental illness, learning disability or dual diagnosis and is at risk of offending or re-offending.

The teams are able to triage and screen for assessment, support the police with any decision making and follow up plans and liaise, refer and / or signpost to other teams and organisations.

Immediate access to a trained mental health team should reduce the need for members of the public to be taken into custody or to a place of safety. Street Triage, as part of the national crisis care programme, has reduced the use of police cells as a place of safety for people experiencing a mental health crisis by more than 50%.

Street triage services

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