Adult acute inpatients


Acute inpatient services provide high quality, multi-disciplinary, multi-skilled treatment to people whose health care needs cannot be managed in their own homes due to their level of complexity, intensity and unpredictability. Inpatient services are for people whose health needs require specialist investigation, assessment and intervention.

People will be admitted to an inpatient bed, wherever possible, in their own geographic area. However when clinically necessary and to ensure that treatment is provided without delay, they may be admitted to a bed in any appropriate Trust site.

Key service outcomes

In providing a high quality service, our aim is to:

  • Care for adults in an inpatient setting, building on patients' strengths, maintaining levels of independence and promoting well-being
  • Use evidence based therapeutic interactions within a multidisciplinary approach
  • Provide inpatient treatment 24/7 for people with mental health problems
  • Support service users experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis of such severity that they cannot be managed at home with the involvement of the intensive team
  • Provide a recovery based model of care.

Service description/care pathway

All requests for admission are made to the local intensive team which works with service users (and their carers) to assess their needs. If the most appropriate care is not in the community, they will arrange admission.

When a service user is admitted to hospital the intensive team and the ward team work together to provide information and an explanation as to the role hospital admission will play in supporting the service user's recovery.

Adult acute inpatient services

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