Psychiatric intensive care

Some service users require a higher intensity of treatment and support than that available in an acute unit.

PICU services meet these needs, 24/7, and provide therapeutic and medical care for service users who have been admitted under section under the Mental Health Act.

Service users, normally aged 18 to 65, are referred from AWP's intensive teams, adult acute inpatient units or from the prison teams and are assessed for the suitability of admission to an adult service setting.

PICUs are same sex inpatient units:

  • Male: 12 bed Hazel unit in Bristol and the nine bed unit at Ashdown in Salisbury
  • Female: 8 bed Elizabeth Casson House in Bristol

These PICUs have multidisciplinary teams to enable a clear treatment plan for service users to be implemented and they work closely with other services to enable a clear care pathway for the service user.

The PICU services in Hazel and Elizabeth Casson House units have gained the AIMS (Accreditation for Inpatient Mental Health Services) accreditation from the Royal College of Psychiatrists and we anticipate Ashdown receiving it in the near future.

Psychiatric intensive care units

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