Specialist psychological service for anxiety and related problems

The Centre for Specialist Psychological Treatments of Anxiety and Related Problems focuses on assessment and treatment for psychological problems such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD); phobias; panic and agoraphobia; obsessional hoarding and other anxiety related problems.

In addition, it offers help with health anxiety and psychological problems occurring in those suffering from physical illnesses.

6 March 2018

The clinic is not able to accept any new referrals for the foreseeable future (including those with funding in place). This will be reviewed in the Autumn of 2018 or when a replacement for Professor Salkovskis is appointed at the University.

Service Users are seen mainly in Bath however the service can provide outreach when necessary. The centre aims to meet a gap in highly specialist evidence-based treatment (CBT), in particular focussing on those service users with the most complex needs. This service, which complements existing NHS services, hopes to reduce the need for service users to travel long distances to national centres. Usually CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) would expect local services to have been tried before referral to the specialist clinic.

The service can be accessed once funding has been agreed by the local CCG/PCT.

It provides, on both a regional and national basis, expert and individualised highly specialist services and also offers training, consultation, supervision and research services to health provider organisations. For many problems it offers intensive treatments over a period of a few days to two weeks, allowing particularly rapid resolution of such problems.

AWP Psychological Treatment Services works closely with Professor Paul Salkovskis, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Applied Science at the University of Bath, who is Clinical Director of the centre.

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