Autism diagnostic process


BASS Autism Services for Adults offer a diagnostic service, accessible via GP and secondary care referral. We cover Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset. We also accept referrals on a cost-by-case basis from other areas. Information and advice for GPs and referrers is available here

The assessment process

Before the appointment we will send out some questionnaires to be completed. The assessment process usually involves attending two 90 minute appointments. You will be asked a series of questions about your childhood and your current situation. If you are attending an assessment it is helpful (but not vital) if you can bring any relevant medical, psychiatric and psychological reports with you. The assessment process is also aided if a parent, relative or a friend who can report on your developmental history and/or your current abilities can attend.

At the end of the second appointment (or in a third appointment) we will try to give you the result of our assessment. Some people may need to be seen for further appointments in order to complete the assessment.

Supervised diagnosis

BASS offers a supervised diagnosis pathway if an individual is currently accessing Secondary Mental Health Services. Please contact BASS for further information about this process.

After diagnosis

After an individual receives a diagnosis of an autism spectrum condition, they are invited to attend a six week post-diagnostic support group and weekly advice service. Depending where you live, you may be eligible to attend one of the autism advice services.


BASS is based at the Petherton Resource Centre in Bristol.

Telephone: 01275 796204

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