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Supporting Autistic people - Resources for professionals 

What is autism?

Autism is lifelong neuro-developmental disorders that affect how a person is able to learn and make sense of the world, process information and relate to other people. Autism exists on a spectrum of severity, affecting people in many different ways and to varying degrees.

Find out more on our Autism advice page (click here).

Useful links

The internet is an excellent source of information about autism. There are a large number of forums, personal blogs, and information websites dedicated to the topic.

The National Autistic Society - wide variety of information about autism, services and resources

Health Talk Online - contains interviews with people with an autism spectrum condition

NHS Choices - information about autism and diagnosis

Tony Attwood - a guide for parents, professionals, people with Asperger Syndrome, and their partners.

Wrong Planet - discussion forum led by people with Asperger Syndrome

Asperger and ASD UK Online Forum - discussion forum led by people with Asperger Syndrome - information website about autism and other developmental conditions

Donna Williams - a woman with autism who has written many books on the subject

Autism Hangout - information about autism

Coping 'survival' guide - for people with Asperger Syndrome written by someone with Asperger Syndrome

Bristol City Council autism - to make people more aware of the small things they can do to accommodate autistic people

Sprout Therapy - Autism Resources and Help Guide for parents, teachers, and more. 

Useful books

Attwood, T. (2008) The complete guide to Asperger's syndrome. London: Jessica Kingsley

Murray, D. (2005) Coming out Asperger: Diagnosis, disclosure and self-confidence. London: Jessica Kingsley

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