Post diagnostic support

Aims of the group

  • To give you a full and accurate understanding of autism
  • To support you to identify how having an autism spectrum condition affects you
  • To help you to think about disclosing your diagnosis of autism to others
  • To hear about the experiences of other people with autism spectrum conditions

Course plan

Session 1: What are autism spectrum conditions?

  • Introduction to the group and group rules
  • Presentation and discussion about what autism spectrum conditions are

Session 2: What are autism spectrum conditions (continued)?

  • Continued presentation and discussion about what autism spectrum conditions are

Session 3: How your condition affects you

  • Personal accounts of people with autism spectrum conditions
  • Discussion of your strengths and difficulties in relation to autism spectrum conditions

Session 4: The experience of receiving a diagnosis of an autism spectrum condition

  • Your reactions to receiving the diagnosis
  • How having an autism spectrum condition has had an impact on your life

Session 5: Disclosing the diagnosis

  • Thinking about how to disclose your diagnosis to other people
  • Advantages and disadvantages of disclosing the diagnosis

Session 6: What happens next?

  • Support networks and other services - where you may be able to get further support
  • Summary of all six sessions

How do I book?
If you have received a diagnosis through  the BASS services, you will automatically be put on the waiting list for this group, unless you request otherwise. It is also available to anyone who has a diagnosis of an ASC in these areas. Please contact Gemma Allen using the contact details to the right to be put on the waiting list.


BASS is based at the Petherton Resource Centre in Bristol.

Telephone: 01275 796 249

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