Training and condition awareness

BASS Autism Services for Adults offer support and consultation to staff who are working with people with an ASC and training in ASCs ranging from one hour awareness sessions to a full day's training.

Training: We offer a range of training tailored to individual and service needs.

Example programme for a full day autism awareness training:

Aims and objectives:

  • To increase participant's practical and theoretical knowledge and understanding of ASC
  • To increase participant's knowledge and understanding of the sensory differences experienced by people with ASC
  • Explore practical strategies to use when supporting people with ASC

Content will include:

  • Triad of Impairments
  • Theory of mind, central coherence theory & executive functioning in relation to ASC
  • Sensory Perceptual Differences
  • Case study

BASS also offers 1-2 hour autism spectrum condition awareness raising training sessions.

How to book training:
If you or your service are interested in attending a workshop or receiving a 1-2 hour awareness raising session, please contact us using the details to the right.

In addition to training, BASS also offer one-to-one and group consultation to frontline staff working with adults with autism. Referrals should be made to Gemma Allen using the contact details above.


BASS is based at the Petherton Resource Centre in Bristol.

Telephone: 01275 796204

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