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The South Gloucestershire Memory Service is for people who are having difficulties with memory and thinking skills, which are affecting their day to day life.

We can assess these difficulties and help you and your family or carer understand the underlying causes. Possible treatments or ways of coping can also be discussed.

If you understand the nature of memory problems and have information and support, you and your family may feel less worried and will be able to deal with things more confidently.

How do I see someone from the Memory Service?
If you are having problems with your memory, you should first visit your GP to discuss your concerns. Once the doctor has checked for possible treatable causes, they can ask for a specialist assessment with our service.

What will the Memory Service do?
We will arrange an appointment with a specialist memory assessor who will see you in clinic or at home.

We will encourage you to have a family member or a friend with you at this appointment.

The assessor will invite you to talk about your memory problems and thinking difficulties. They will ask you to complete some memory tests and will ask you how your memory problems affect your daily life.

The results of this assessment will help the Memory Services team diagnose the nature of your memory problems and plan the most suitable next step.

After your memory assessment
There are two possible 'Pathways' which you will follow through the Memory service. We will review your investigations to ensure that the pathway chosen is the most suitable one for you.

Primary Pathway: We will write to your GP with our recommendations. We will also write to you, asking you to arrange to see your GP to discuss our recommendations and possible treatment options.

Secondary Pathway: Alternatively, the Memory Service will offer you a second appointment with one of our clinicians to discuss the results of the assessment. At this second appointment, you will be able to discuss our findings, possible medication and support to help you manage your memory difficulties.

See here for the pathways

For the full range or services within South Gloucestershire, please see the Dementia Prescription

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