Nutrition and dietetics

Who are we?

We are dietitians and nutrition advisors who provide specialist dietary advice to service users across AWP.

What do we do?

We advise on food and health in its widest sense - from factors that influence food choice to dietary treatment of disease and prevention of diet related conditions such as coronary heart disease and diabetes.

Dietitians and nutrition advisors translate the science of nutrition into practical information about food and health which everyone can understand. However, the art of what we do lies in not only offering accurate and up-to-date information but in working with clients to help them make changes to their behaviour, implement helpful dietary changes and support recovery. We work with service users and healthcare staff to promote the best possible nutrition, including:

  • Helping individuals and groups who need to change their diet and related behaviours in order to ease or cure a medical condition
  • Encouraging individuals and groups to change their diet and related behaviour to help prevent disease and ill health
  • Working with AWP's catering services and management to ensure that appropriate foods are offered to meet individual nutritional requirements which satisfy limitations imposed by their medical condition, dietary or cultural restrictions
  • Teaching and educating health professionals about nutrition-related matters.

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