Arts psychotherapies

arts psychotherapies

Making marks is fundamental and when words fail, can provide an alternative means of communicating. Symbolising thoughts, feelings and experiences in visual images can be a more effective means of expression and communication than verbal description and can render these thoughts, feelings and experiences less threatening.

Artwork can be used to create equivalents of past, internalised experiences, using visual images instead of words.

The art psychotherapist facilitates the use of art materials and the service user is thereby an active participant in their own therapy and there is a growing ability to find meaning within their created images. This relationship with the artwork enables growth within, a stronger sense of self and resolution of previous internal and external experiences.

You can see more about how Fresh Art@ has been received by staff and service users at AWP here. There are links to audio files and the Evaluation Report is also available.

How art therapy has helped me

Service users talk about art therapy in early intervention and recovery

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