Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy and occupational therapist are often shortened to OT. The aim of OT is to help people to live the lives that they want.

Occupation is the term we use to describe all the things we do in everyday life, including caring for ourselves and others, working, learning, playing, creating and interacting with other people.

OTs are interested and experts in the relationship between occupation, mental health and wellbeing.

When people experience a mental illness and/or have physical disabilities their ability to do the things they want to can be affected.

OTs work with people of all ages, and illnesses but particularly people with complex problems who are having difficulties in their everyday lives.

OTs work alongside mental health service users to help them to recover and regain the skills and abilities they need. This could be daily activities many of us take for granted such as grocery shopping, cooking a meal or taking a bath to more complex activities such as succeeding at work or studies or having a social life.

OTs work with other professions in teams in most areas of the Trust.

You may see an OT as part of an inpatient admission or at home.

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