We continually monitor how well AWP is performing, focusing on its financial position, governance arrangements and the safety and quality of services we provide. We also carry out a range of surveys and consultations to encourage feedback from our patients and service users, their carers and those interested in mental health to influence its development.

Surveys and Consultations

Inpatient Surveys
Community Services

AWP has a robust performance management framework and quality improvement strategy in place. From Board level to frontline services, scorecards are used with indicators that monitor:

  • service access
  • clinical service quality
  • treatment outcomes
  • accountability
  • corporate services (governance, human resources, finance and information)

The scorecards are reviewed monthly by the Board and are also scrutinised externally by our commissioners and a range of care forums. This ensures we continue to improve the quality of services we provide.

AWP’s performance is monitored by the Department of Health and local commissioners, and the quality and safety of our services are monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) - the national regulator for health and social care.

Care Quality Commission

Commission (CQC) regulates care provided by the NHS, local authorities, private companies and voluntary organisations. The CQC aims to ensure better care is provided for everyone - in hospitals, care homes and people's own homes. The commission also seeks to protect the interests of people whose rights are restricted under the Mental Health Act.

The CQC regularly carries out unannounced inspections of services. During an inspection, the CQC will:

  • ask service users and their carers about their experiences of receiving care.
  • talk to our staff about the work they do.
  • check that the right systems and processes are in place.
  • look for evidence on whether care is meeting government standards.

Following an inspection, the CQC will submit a report on their findings to us. We then use this report to prepare and implement an action plan, helping us to improve our services based on any recommendations made.

The CQC review all the information they hold about a provider from a range of sources to produce Quality and Risk Profiles (QRPs). We have chosen to publish the QRPs about AWP, and they can be found here:

Quality Account

The Quality Account formally reports on the quality of our services across the key areas of safety, effectiveness and patient experience. It includes sections on:

  • how we have performed against our nationally set targets and quality standards.
  • how we have performed against a set of measures that follows the service user care pathway.
  • our planned quality improvements for the coming year and how we will report and monitor these improvements.
  • comments and assurances received from external organisations.

Our Quality Account reflects input from various stakeholders, including patients and service users, carers and clinicians.

We continually seek feedback from everyone who reads the document to find out which areas are of most interest and value, the aspects where more information would be helpful, and suggestions on any areas not covered.

A Quality Account is published by AWP every year at the end of June. The Quality Account helps us improve how we report to the public on the quality of services we provide.

You can visit our Quality Account below: