Publish date: 1 December 2023

AWP has ended use of out of area beds, meaning more patients being cared for closer to home.

The Trust recently discharged its final patient from a bed outside of the area it covers, which includes Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Bath, Swindon and Wiltshire. The last time the Trust had zero out of area placements was in 2014.

James Eldred, Clinical Director for Right Care at AWP, added:

“This is a proud moment for all AWP clinicians and managers who worked with such determination to improve the acute mental health pathway.  Everyone I work with understood that admitting patients to beds around the country was something that needed to change, but actually delivering the change has been a massive challenge and a very long process.  We take confidence from knowing that none of our patients will be admitted to wards far away from their homes.  It is undoubtedly a motivating milestone for us all. It proves that we can make a huge difference to peoples’ lives even when resources are tight and the challenge is great.  

AWP still commissions a small number of beds outside of its services but still within the local area within which it operates. It now aims to reduce this too so that all AWP patients who need inpatient care can be admitted to a Trust bed.