• Bristol

What we do

We are here to support the emotional health and wellbeing of young people in care with a Bristol or South Gloucestershire social worker. 

Our two organisations are called Thinking Allowed (Bristol) and Thinking Aloud (South Gloucestershire). Together, we are known as TA.
At TA, we believe that a young person’s mental health and emotional wellbeing will flourish if all the adults around them work together to understand how best to support them. We work towards this goal with all the adults who are already involved in the young person’s life.

Although most of our work is with the adults, we help find the right services for young people which could be in CAMHS or another organisation, and we sometimes see young people ourselves.

We also have a specialist clinic for young people who have come to the UK seeking safety and asylum, are in care and have a Bristol or South Gloucestershire social worker. This is called the Asylum-seeking and Refugee Clinic (ARC). Find out more on the ARC page here.

We are very proud to receive recognition for the work we are passionate about. In 2018, the CQC (Care Quality Commission) described TA and the services for young people seeking asylum as “examples of outstanding practice”.