• Bristol
  • South Gloucestershire

What we do

Our team at Young People’s Specialist Substance Misuse Treatment Service (YPSSMTS) provides support to help young people overcome their drug and alcohol problems. Our aim is to enable young people to make informed decisions and build their personal resilience. 

The services we offer to young people, their families and carers include:

  • a full assessment.
  • psychological interventions. This could include motivational interviewing to help young people focus on their strengths and find solutions.
  • specialist harm reduction – drug and alcohol information and advice.
  • a health assessment.
  • a 10-week free course for parents. Read here for more information on our non-violent resistance parenting programme.

Our team includes a range of professionals to support young people, including:

  • consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist
  • clinical nurse specialist
  • senior Practitioner
  • specialist substance misuse worker
  • advanced drug and alcohol practitioner
  • service administrators