• Bristol
  • South Gloucestershire

What we do 

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service for Learning Disability (CAMHS-LD) work with children, young people and their families to provide support for moderate, severe and profound learning disabilities. Our team was previously known as the Specialist Service for Children with Learning Disabilities (SSCLD).  

The complex and significant difficulties you and your young person are experiencing will be causing distress in day-to-day living and will require support beyond mainstream interventions. 

Our services offer you and your family the following support: 

  • an approachable, friendly and welcoming team. 
  • a comfortable environment in which our team will listen, support and provide help.
  • a person-focused approach; we see each child and young person as an individual and understand that each family has its own needs.
  • care networks of parents, social services, school staff and respite care staff, for example, working together to fully understand and support your needs.