What we do

Procurement involves buying goods and services that enable the Trust to operate in a profitable and ethical manner.

Our Contracting and Procurement team is responsible for every element of spend within the Trust. This includes sourcing goods, services and managing suppliers. Once we source goods and services, all contracts are held by the team and tendered appropriately. We act as the first point of contact for all potential suppliers into the Trust.

We ensure that all procurement achieves best value for the Trust, following the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS), and Public Procurement guidelines.

Spending over £25,000

As part of the Government’s commitment on transparency, HM Treasury has issued guidance on the publication of spend over £25,000 by central government departments. All NHS bodies are required to publish spend over £25,000 in a prescribed format.

Files for the last two finincial years detailing spending over £25,000 can be viewed below.

Title Filename Size
Invoices over £25k for May 2023 Invoices_over_25k_for_May_2023.csv 3.41 KB
Invoices over £25k for April 2023 Invoices_over_25k_for_April_2023.csv 4.30 KB
Invoices over £25k for June 2023 Invoices_over_25k_for_June_2023.csv 4.02 KB
Invoices over £25k for July 2023 Invoices_over_25k_for_July_2023.csv 2.79 KB
Invoices over £25k for August 2023 Invoices_over_25k_for_August_2023.csv 3.17 KB
Invoices over £25k for September 2023 Invoices_over_25k_for_September_2023.csv 2.83 KB
Invoices over £25k for October 2023 Invoices_over_25k_for_October_2023.csv 3.48 KB
Invoices over £25k for November 2023 Invoices_over_25k_for_November_2023.csv 4.09 KB
Invoices over £25k for December 2023 Invoices_over_25k_for_December_2023.csv 4.16 KB
Invoices over £25k for January 2024 Invoices_over_25k_for_January_2024.csv 4.45 KB
Title Filename Size
Invoices over £25k for May 2022 Invoices_over_25k_for_May_2022.csv 3.43 KB
Invoices over £25k for April 2022 Invoices_over_25k_for_April_2022.csv 4.52 KB
Invoices over £25k for June 2022 Invoices_over_25k_for_June_2022.csv 3.73 KB
Invoices over £25k for July2022 Invoices_over_25k_for_July2022.csv 2.63 KB
Invoices over £25k for August 2022 Invoices_over_25k_for_August_2022.csv 3.13 KB
Invoices over £25k for September 2022 Invoices_over_25k_for_September_2022.csv 2.91 KB
Invoices over £25k for October 2022 Invoices_over_25k_for_October_2022.csv 5.22 KB
Invoices over £25k for November 2022 Invoices_over_25k_for_November_2022.csv 4.20 KB
Invoices over £25k for December 2022 Invoices_over_25k_for_December_2022.csv 3.03 KB
Invoices over £25k for January 2023 Invoices_over_25k_for_January_2023.csv 4.52 KB
Invoices over £25k for February 2023 Invoices_over_25k_for_February_2023.csv 5.69 KB
Invoices over £25k for March 2023 Invoices_over_25k_for_March_2023.csv 0.01 MB
Title Filename Size
Invoices over £25k for February 2022 Invoices_over_25k_for_February_2022.csv 4.00 KB
Invoices over £25k for January 2022 Invoices_over_25k_for_January_2022.csv 5.40 KB
Invoices over £25k for March 2022 Invoices_over_25k_for_March_2022.csv 10.10 KB
invoices-over-£25k-for-september-2021 invoices-over-25k-for-september-2021.csv 3.93 KB
invoices-over-£25k-for-october-2021 invoices-over-25k-for-october-2021.csv 3.02 KB
invoices-over-£25k-for-november-2021 invoices-over-25k-for-november-2021.csv 3.13 KB
invoices-over-£25k-for-may-2021 invoices-over-25k-for-may-2021.csv 4.22 KB
invoices-over-£25k-for-june-2021 invoices-over-25k-for-june-2021.csv 4.09 KB
invoices-over-£25k-for-july-2021 invoices-over-25k-for-july-2021.csv 4.29 KB
invoices-over-£25k-for-december-2021 invoices-over-25k-for-december-2021.csv 3.84 KB
invoices-over-£25k-for-august-2021 invoices-over-25k-for-august-2021.csv 2.35 KB
invoices-over-£25k-for-april-2021 invoices-over-25k-for-april-2021.csv 4.56 KB
Title Filename Size
invoices-over-£25k-for-september-2020 invoices-over-25k-for-september-2020.csv 3.37 KB
invoices-over-£25k-january-2021 invoices-over-25k-january-2021.csv 5.87 KB
invoices-over-£25k-november-2020 invoices-over-25k-november-2020.csv 2.84 KB
invoices-over-£25k-july-2020 invoices-over-25k-july-2020.csv 0.12 MB
invoices-over-£25k-for-october-2020 invoices-over-25k-for-october-2020.csv 5.25 KB
invoices-over-£25k-february-2021 invoices-over-25k-february-2021.csv 3.74 KB
invoices-over-£25k-for-april-2020 invoices-over-25k-for-april-2020.csv 3.71 KB
invoices-over-£25k-for-june-2020 invoices-over-25k-for-june-2020.csv 3.37 KB
invoices-over-£25k-for-march-2021 invoices-over-25k-for-march-2021.csv 0.01 MB
invoices-over-£25k-for-may-2020 invoices-over-25k-for-may-2020.csv 2.38 KB
invoices-over-£25k-august-2020 invoices-over-25k-august-2020.csv 2.66 KB
invoices-over-£25k-december-2020 invoices-over-25k-december-2020.csv 3.50 KB