What we do

Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work together across the Trust, both in inpatient and community teams. With our skills and knowledge, we ensure that:

  • you have access to medicines that can help support your recovery.
  • prescribing is safe and cost-effective.
  • the most appropriate medicine is prescribed for you.

We are committed to providing  specialist information about medicines for mental health to many groups of people including: 

  • doctors and GPs
  • nurses
  • psychiatrists
  • service users
  • service users’ carers
  • carer support groups
  • other pharmacists

We offer advice to doctors and nurses to find the most appropriate medicine for each individual service user. We also support our community teams with the safe use and administration of medicines. Only someone who is properly and professionally qualified can write a prescription, like a GP, Psychiatrist, Nurse Prescriber.

When we visit inpatient wards, our team discusses medicines with you as an individual patient/service users. We check on how it is being used and can also help you plan how to discontinue your medicines, if appropriate, as part of your recovery.