About us

AWP provides evidence-based person-centred care by embedding research into our core practices.

Here at Research and Development (R&D), our staff support service users, carers and staff to take part in high quality national and international research.

This research is supported by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR).

This NIHR research must meet at least one of the following standards:

  • A benefit to healthcare 
  • A benefit to social care 
  • A benefit to the NHS

Our portfolio of research studies focus on treatments, interventions and preventions of mental health problems, substance misuse, neurodivergence and dementia.

Research is needed to provide the evidence that treatments work. This forms the basis of ‘evidence-based clinical practice’. 

The research we support meets with ethical approval set by the Health Research Authority (HRA).

We conduct research to help: 

  • Improve the care and treatment and interventions we provide 
  • Understand what treatments work well 
  • Find new treatments and interventions 
  • Answer important and relevant questions for patients and carers 

We do this by looking at how different therapies affect people's behaviour and feelings, how well new medications work and better understanding different diagnoses. Please see our 'Take part in research' page to see what research we are currently supporting.  

Our Strategy

Our Values

The R&D values are compassion, inclusion, learning and working together.

Our Vision

Make an impact with research, embed an inclusive research culture and make research everyone’s business through our excellent and highly skilled diverse workforce.

Our Mission

To undertake research that is inclusive, meaningful and aims to improve services and the wellbeing of service users, carers and staff.

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