• Bristol

There are times when you might need to make sense of a difficult situation that troubles you, or reflect on something that affects you emotionally. 

All the staff in our services care about and look after your wellbeing. During times when you need extra support, AWP has both professional and volunteer ‘chaplains’ who are dedicated to offering additional care

The care we offer

Our chaplains offer a range of care, including:

  • Religious care - our chaplain can help you find ways of using your religious beliefs and values to deal with different situations you might be facing.
  • Spiritual care - this might involve discussing how a situation relates to your personal hopes, feelings and beliefs about the purpose of life. Spiritual care can involve religious beliefs, but it can also help you even if you who don’t identify with any religion.
  • Pastoral care - our chaplain can offer you emotional support when you need someone to talk to. This helps you work our your feelings about a situation and doesn’t have to be about religion or spirituality.