Pregnancy and having a baby can be a difficult time for new parents who may be experiencing changes in mood. Perinatal mental health teams were set up after studies found that access to evidence-based specialist mental health care can significantly benefit mothers and their babies. Perinatal describes the period of time from conception to the infant’s first birthday.   

Our specialist service is available to women in the perinatal timeframe who:  

  • have previously experienced a serious mental illness and are planning to conceive. 

  • develop a serious mental illness in the perinatal period. 

  • have had a serious perinatal illness in a past pregnancy and are now pregnant.   

  • are already under the care of AWP when we may provide additional support. 

  • have been previously admitted to a mother and baby unit. 

  • display significant mental health difficulties during the perinatal period.  

The perinatal team offers assessment, signposting and treatment, working with women in community settings. We can also give advice to women who are taking significant medication for a mental illness and intend to become pregnant. 

It is important to get advice as soon as possible if you think you are pregnant or might become pregnant while taking sodium valproate.  

Referrals can be received from any professional. We cannot accept self-referrals, but we will help signpost and redirect you.   

Professionals can make a referral by using the contact information on this page. Please select the area based on where your patient’s GP is registered.