Our specialist service is exclusively for adults who have ADHD or who are seeking a new ADHD diagnosis. We provide assessment, reassessment and treatment, taking into consideration the many areas in an adult’s life before an accurate ADHD diagnosis is made.  

To be referred to our services, you need to be registered with a GP in one of the following areas: 

  • Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES) 

  • Bristol 

  • North Somerset 

  • South Gloucestershire 

  • Swindon 

  • Wiltshire  

If you think you may have ADHD, you will need to see your GP or other health professional first before you can be referred to our services. 

Health professionals can make a referral by contacting: 

Email: awp.specialisedADHDservices@nhs.net 

Phone: 01275 796262 

Once you have been referred, you will receive an appointment email with some questionnaires to complete about your life and ADHD. These questionnaires help us to accurately assess and diagnose you. 

Your assessment is usually carried out over a video call and lasts between two and three hours to help us fully understand your difficulties. If a face-to-face appointment is needed, you will usually be assessed in Bristol.  

It is helpful to bring along a relative, friend or someone who knows you well to provide more information about your difficulties. They can also support you during the assessment which will involve gaining information about your background. 

If you have previously been diagnosed with ADHD and are currently taking medication for the condition, your appointment will be shorter.  

Following the assessment, a report will be sent out to yourself and your GP. If a diagnosis is made, we can offer treatment and further support. 

We provide diagnostic assessment and can also offer the following treatments for ADHD: 

  • Medication for ADHD in line with national and international research into the condition. 

  • Psycho-social interventions to help understand and master some of the ways ADHD affects you. 

  • Peer support and skills group. This helps you meet other people with ADHD and learn techniques to help you manage the symptoms of ADHD in the real world.