The Specialist Community Forensic Team (SCFT) is a community-based service providing forensic treatment, monitoring and consultancy to adults who have been discharged from high, medium and low secure inpatient units in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.  

The team works together to support you, or a person you care for, by: 

  • helping you discharge smoothly from secure care to make the transition back to the community. 

  • advising and working together with other mental health professionals, community mental health teams, GPs and social care staff to support you with the aim of reducing risk and avoiding the need for re-admission to secure care. 

  • giving expert advice to, and working with, other criminal justice system agencies to manage risk after being discharged from secure services. This is usually via a Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangement (MAPPA). 

  • providing evidence-based assessment and treatment that will rely on education and training provided by forensic mental health services. 

  • supporting research and audit within services. 

SCFT works closely with the mental health charity, Second Step, helping people into job and educational opportunities. Our work with Second Step and third sector housing providers also helps to develop individual housing that is specifically for the use of patients discharged under the care of the SCFT.