Publish date: 5 April 2024

Bina Kennedy and Claire Tonti, at New Horizon Mother and Baby Unit.png
Bina Kennedy and Claire Tonti, feature on the podcast.

Bina Kennedy, Our Interim Ward Manager at the New Horizon Mother and Baby Unit has taken part in a popular podcast to talk about perinatal mental health.

Bina was invited to talk on the podcast “TONTS”, hosted by Australian musician Claire Tonti. The podcast, which attracts thousands of listeners, features in-depth interviews about emotions and the way they shape our lives.

The New Horizon Mother and Baby Unit (MBU) is a four-bed inpatient mental health unit, providing support to new mums experiencing postnatal depression and other challenges. It consists of a small specialist team, comprising expert perinatal mental health nurses, doctors, psychologists, healthcare support workers, nursery nurses and an occupational therapist.

Podcast-host Claire recently visited the New Horizon unit and saw the incredible work being carried out. She admired the paintings created by mothers there and even kindly offered to perform some of her songs for them.

Claire Tonti performs for new mothers.png
Claire Tonti performs for new mothers.

Of her time on the podcast, Bina said: “It was an absolute joy to talk about perinatal mental health with someone who was genuinely interested and cares about the work we do on the MBU.

“It felt so easy to talk to Claire about the amazing work we do and I hope the podcast episode will reach those in need of support, so they do not feel ashamed or alone.

“Working on New Horizons continues to be extremely fulfilling for me. Once I started working in perinatal mental health, I fell in love with the speciality and immediately understood the importance and value in the work of perinatal mental health services.”

To listen to the podcast, click here. You can also search for it on Spotify with “Inside a Mother & Baby Unit with Sabrina Kennedy”.

New Horizon Mother and Baby Unit, part of Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust, provides a range of treatments and interventions to meet the physical and mental health needs of mothers and their infants. Its 24-hour inpatient service supports, assists and supervises each mother and new child.

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