• Wiltshire

The Wiltshire Autism Diagnostic Service (WADS) provides an autism spectrum condition (ASC) assessment service to adults registered with a Wiltshire GP. 

We can also offer a limited amount of post-diagnostic support to help people with ASC learn about the condition and access a range of appropriate services.  

If you, or someone you care for, are referred to our services, we can offer you: 

  • direct diagnostic assessments when you are referred by your GP or secondary care mental health services.  

  • a comprehensive diagnostic report when you have been assessed.   

  • post-diagnostic support in the form of a one-off post-diagnostic session. This focuses on psychoeducation, coping strategies and signposting.   

  • assessment for an autism diagnosis with mental health and learning disability clinical staff.  

We offer a diagnostic service to adults over the age of 18 years who have been referred by their GP or by secondary care services.  

For advice and referrals, please contact:  

Wiltshire Autism Diagnostic Service (WADS) 
Fountain Way Hospital
SP2 7FD     

Email: awp.wads@nhs.net