During the Coronavirus pandemic, data collected by the ONS (Office for National Statistics) has suggested that people from a Black or Asian (especially South Asian) ethnic background are more likely to be at risk from serious illness from Coronavirus than other ethnic groups. As well as some people's ethnicity making it more likely that they will have underlying health conditions that increase their risk from Coronavirus, such as Diabetes or Sickle Cell Disease, the ONS suggests that there are other reasons, such as that more people from these ethnic backgrounds:

  • are key workers more likely to be exposed to infection at work or travelling to work on public transport
  • live in larger households where it might be easier for infection to spread
  • live in built-up areas where many other people live and where they might not have access to open space or a garden
  • have financial worries or have lost income during the pandemic

You can read the full ONS report, 'Coronavirus and ethnicity: a summary of what we know', here.

If you're from an ethnic group at higher risk from Coronavirus and you're concerned about your health or someone else's, or you'd just like more information and advice, there are other resources in the list below.