COVID-19 has put families under great pressure.  You may find that you're busier than ever with work, or you may have children unable to go to school, do other activities or see their friends. You might be worried about their wellbeing but don't know what you can do to help them. See the links below for websites and agencies who offer support and self-help resources. Your child's GP can also offer support and guidance if you're concerned about their physical or mental wellbeing.

  • – Communicating with children about COVID-19 – Useful NHS page with advice on how to explain Coronavirus to your children if you're a key worker in health or social care.
  • Every Mind Matters – Every Mind Matters offers these self-help videos to help young people cope with different situations.
  • Rise Above – Video and written content produced by and for young people as a community, helping each other cope with everyday worries and situations.
  • Gloucestershire Health Living and Learning – GHLL has produced this page that includes advice on making it easier for children who are spending much more time in the home, or who might have someone close to them who's very unwell with Coronavirus. They also have this useful page with more resource links.
  • – Government advice page for parents and carers about home schooling/remote learning.