If you're a manager, the Coronavirus pandemic is likely to have presented you with challenges you never expected to face. It is important for you to not only think about the effects of the pandemic on your staff but also yourself, and your mental and physical wellbeing. The following resources aim to help you look after yourself as well as your staff.

Trauma Informed Compassionate Leadership

We've produced guidance to help you lead your team to recover from the impact of Coronavirus by thinking in very practical ways about the best ways to support individuals, teams and leaders. Find out more about Trauma Informed Compassionate Leadership here

Other resources

  • Check in with Teams – Information about how to 'check in' with your teams each day, either in person or remotely (for example via a Microsoft Teams call) to keep in contact and engage them, and how to consider their needs and yours.
  • Compassionate Leadership Tips – Tips for managers to keep staff engaged and to make them feel safe, protected and cared for, even if they are isolating and can't work.

We can provide training to teams or organisations to support their wellbeing. Please get in contact to discuss this further.